NUST MISIS Holds Cybathletics Competitions

In early December, high-tech competitions for handicapped people who actively use rehabilitation equipment (cybathletes) were held at the NUST MISIS Commune House—Russia`s best student resident hall complex-2016.

„The creation of a unique creative environment where every student can unlock his/her potential is one of the main goals of our University. And for that, we’ve implemented a cross-cultural project on the basis of the NUST MISIS Commune House, which is also aimed at teaching openness and tolerance, the ability to work in team, and meaningful cooperation with others to successfully solve common problems. That is why holding competitions like the Cybathletics Championship is very important for us”, — said Alevtina Chernikova, Rector of NUST MISIS.

The challenge the cybathletes overcame is a sequence of tasks imitating things people routinely face in everyday life: overcoming road obstacles, keeping balance in a moving vehicle, using home furniture, replacing light bulbs, hanging clothes up and playing ball in the yard. The use of rehabilitation equipment, in particular bionic prostheses, helps cybathletes to perform all these activities. To win these competitions, the competitors have to accurately and capably perform the maximum number of tasks in as little time as possible.

„Participation in cybathletics develops people who use rehabilitation equipment. Because even if you have [a prosthetic], if you only stay at home you [won’t see its full capability]. Here, at competitions, you have to show quality results. Besides, people missing an arm or a leg or who are partially immobilized meet each other and share their experiences during these events, which is really helpful in everyday life”, mused Evgeny Smirnov, a famous dancer, a cybathlete, and the Moscow Mayor’s Assistant for Transport Infrastructure.

The „VEB 2.0 Cup” competition was organized by Vnesheconombank as part of the Laboratory for Social Innovations’ launch. The Laboratory for Social Projects will test and promote advanced technological solutions. These tests will engage more people and organizations in the solution of various social problems. As the Bank representatives noted, cybathletics is also a demonstration of the latest achievements of Russian developers working to improve the quality of life for disabled people. This past Friday, a cooperation agreement was signed between Vnesheconombank and the Russian Union of Developers & Suppliers of Rehabilitation Technical Means for „Сybathletics”.