MISIS Media Recognized as the Best in Russia

MISIS Media, NUST MISIS`s student media center, has won the “Media Spring” (Media Vesna), all-Russian competition for student publications and young journalists, an event organized by NUST MISIS together with the Russian Union of Youth through the support of the Russian Ministry of Education & Science.

MISIS Media has been named the best in the “Best creative video” nomination for its videos during the MISS MISIS contest. Elena Drobyshevskaya, MISIS Media`s photographer, was named “Media Spring’s” winner for the same contest in the “Best photo report on a creative theme” nomination.

The competition is the central event of the “Russian student spring” program for the support and development of student creativity in journalism. In 2017, more than 40 universities from various Russian cities participated in the competition. The jury evaluated more than 100 submissions, and the best representatives of student media — photographers, videographers, authors, and journalists — were awarded special prizes from the Russian Union of Youth.