Marine Robotics Discussed at NUST MISIS

The all-Russian conference devoted to the development of Russia`s marine robotics, organized by the All-Russian Movement for Support of the Navy together with naval, shipbuilding, scientific & research, education, entrepreneurial, governmental, industrial and other structures was recently held at NUST MISIS. The conference is held in the interests of transport shipping, domestic shipbuilding, the ship repairing industry, the Russian Navy, the marine border coast guard, river and fishing fleets, marine science, domestic boating, and yachting.

“Preparation for the conference, the planned discussion of the conference`s main theme, working out practical recommendations for authorities and other Russian system institutions are done with an aim to provide a coordinated state policy in the field of marine robotics, and not only from the departmental and corporate kind of works point of view.The results of our discussion will lead to a breakthrough of activities in our country`s leading organizations in the field of dynamic and large-scale development of domestic marine robotics”, said Mikhail Nenashev, a former Captain First Rank who chairs the All-Russian Movement for Support of the Navy.

Representatives of the managerial board of the Federal Agency for Maritime and River Transport, the United Shipbuilding Corporation, the Federal Service for Intellectual Property (Rospatent), the Ministry of Industry and Trade, the Marine Rescue Service, design labs, universities, industrial enterprises, institutes of the Russian Academy of Sciences, and representatives of the Russian Navy, marine border coast guard, river and fishing fleets, domestic boating, and yachting all took part in the discussion of real issues plaguing the field.

The discussion generated practical recommendations for the authorities and other Russian system institutions.