Rostec is Interested in Joint Projects with NUST MISIS

NUST MISIS and Rostec State Corporation have discussed the possibility of cooperating to implement joint R&D developments for various high-tech industries. NUST MISIS showed Rostec four promising projects it has developed together with industrial partners.

A project to open Russia`s first buggy production in partnership with STELS (Velomotors brand) — Europe`s largest bicycle manufacturer. As part of “A multi-purpose mobile complex of modular configuration of special and general purpose on a wheel (caterpillar) base” NUST MISIS will develop a unique high-strength alloy for the production of a Russian buggy.

“The development of a demonstrator of power installation on the basis of a rotary engine of modular configuration with the use of composite materials” — a joint project with the Central Institute of Aviation Motors (CiAM).

Sergey Ageev, a NUST MISIS graduate and head of a company called SferaMet, presented a project on “Spherical powders of special steels and alloys for the hot-pressing and additive production of products from metal powders with improved wear and resource characteristics”.

According to Sergey Abramov, the Conventional Armament, Ammunition, & Special Chemistry Cluster Industrial Director of Rostec State Corporation, “the heads of relevant holdings will be interested to consider the presented projects and to implement them jointly with NUST MISIS”.