NUST MISIS Receives Four Gold Medals at “Archimedes-2018” Salon

Every presentation by NUST MISIS at the XXI Moscow International Salon of Inventions and Innovative Technologies “Archimedes” received a gold medal. The University was also awarded an Honorary Diploma for its active participation in the organization and holding of “Archimedes-2018” Salon.

The Expert committee and the international jury highly valued all four NUST MISIS inventions exhibited at “Archimedes-2018”:

1. “Polymer composite with shape memory effect to 3D print medical devices”.

Authors: Senatov F.S., Nyaza K.V., Medvedev V.V., Cherdyntsev V.V., Kaloshkin S.D., Estrin Y.Z.


— gold medal of “Archimedes” Salon,

— gold medal of the Association of Thai Innovation and Invention Promotion.

2. “A production method of nonwoven materials with antibacterial properties”.

Authors: Kuznetsov D.V., Kondakov S.E., Osipov A.P., Samsonova Zh.V., Senatova S.I., Muratov D.C., Frolov G.A., Kolesnikov E.A., Chuprunov K.O., Gusev A.A.


— gold medal of “Archimedes” Salon,

— the special prize of Cuban State Agrarian University for the best development in the field of veterinary diagnostics presented at “Archimedes-2018”.

3. “A method of producing electrodes from alloys based on nickel aluminide”.

Authors: Levashov E. A., Zaytsev A.A., Sanin V.V., Pogozhev Y.S., Kaplanskiy Y.Y., Sanin V.N., Yukhvid V.I., Sentyurina Zh. A.


— gold medal of “Archimedes” Salon.

4. “Drill bit reinforced with diamond-cutting elements”.

Authors: Polushin N.I., Maslov A. L., Laptev A.I., Kushkhabiev A.S., Kotelnikova O.S., Varshavskiy Y.S.


— gold medal of “Archimedes” Salon,

— special prize of the Portuguese Association of Inventors, Innovators, and Creatives.

More than 400 scientific and educational organizations, industrial enterprises, and innovative firms from 55 Russian regions and 26 countries took part in “Archimedes-2018”. In total, about 700 developments were presented.

NUST MISIS’s representatives participated in round-table discussions and seminars devoted to questions of intellectual property, as well as the development of inventive and rational activities.

“Archimedes” Salon is held through the support of the Presidential Administration of Russia, the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), the Russian Federal Service for Intellectual Property (Rospatent), the Moscow City Organization for Inventors and Innovators, the International Federation of Inventors` Association (IFIA), the Russian Engineering Union, the “League of Assistance to Defense Enterprises” Association, and the Russian Chamber of Commerce & Industry.