NUST MISIS, Vnesheconombank, and ASI to Hold “Blockchain-credit”

NUST MISIS and Vnesheconombank (VEB), with the support of the Agency for Strategic Initiatives (ASI), will hold an educational campaign called “Blockchain-credit”. The campaign will be a part of the cooperation agreement signed between NUST MISIS and ASI in the field of developing and promoting blockchain technologies.

On May 24, 2018, the “Blockchain-credit” started; the program is an online educational campaign aimed at increasing “blockchain literacy” among citizens. With the help of an online test created by specialists from NUST MISIS and VEB and based on CORE structural educational design resources, it will be possible for the university to identify gaps in general knowledge about blockchain technologies and to obtain basic ideas about the areas and possibilities of how to use blockchain technology in everyday life.

“At Vnesheconombank we believe that the digital economy is one of those areas that will allow the state to make the breakthroughs that President [Putin] speaks about. The technological revolution that is happening now allows us to do this. Data in the digital economy is the new oil, and the breakthrough technologies are the new sources of efficiency. Those entrepreneurs who own these tools will be able to make a breakthrough in their business and to bring not only economic but also social value to both themselves and the state. Blockchain is only one of those technologies, but it is [quite impactful]”, — noted Gleb Yun, Vnesheconombank Senior Vice-President.

After “Blockchain-credit” ends, every participant will automatically receive feedback based on the personal recommendations of specialists they’ve spoken to. Additionally, in the near future an individual training track will be formed to improve each participant`s training in the field of blockchain-technologies; the track will be based on the best courses available at NUST MISIS, VEB, GVA, the Blockchain Academy, and other online and offline platforms.

“NUST MISIS is one of Russia`s leading technological universities. Based on the fundamentals of classical education, the University represents an innovative, dynamically developing scientific and educational platform. In 2017, together with VEB, we created the Center for Blockchain Competencies, and we are now developing a series of online-courses for training and retraining personnel for the digital economy”, noted Alevtina Chernikova, Rector of NUST MISIS.

According to the organizers, one of the main tasks of the campaign is to debunk myths that are attached to the introduction of this now popular technology, and consequently, to prevent further myths from spreading. All the users who have taken the “Blockchain credit” course have received digital certificates generated using blockchain technology. You can still join the course if you’d like — it will last until June 25, 2018.

“You can consider blockchain a panacea for the new world, or you can consider it an air bubble, but in order to have an opinion it is necessary to understand the subject at least on the level [this event is testing]. Several projects of the National Technological Initiative use blockchain in their business processes, which is why we are glad to participate in the project”, commented Dmitriy Peskov, Director of the “Young Professionals” direction at the ASI.