NUST MISIS Holds Intellectual Game “Artek-Insight”

NUST MISIS is holding the intellectual game “Artek-Insight” as part of the cooperation between the University and the Artek International Children`s Camp. This joint project has been designed to develop and support talented students from regions around Russia. The project started in January 2018 and will last until the beginning of December 2018, covering 12 shifts throughout the year.

In every shift, Artek students compete with each other in erudition, logic, teamwork, and decision-making. During the first (qualifying) stage, teams from different camps participated in the game, and the winning team from each camp advanced to the all-Artek final. Each team consists of 6 participants: they can study in different classes and live in different parts of Russia, but they are united by the desire to develop themselves, to learn new things, and above all else, to win. The winners were given the opportunity to visit Artek and compete with the best teams from each shift in the grand finale.

Each “Artek-Insight” game is devoted to the theme of the respective shift. Currently, 6 shifts have finished: “Time for children`s discoveries”, “Ecology of the world”, “A conversation with the language of art”, “Asteroid № 1956”, “History of our victory”, and “Happy Birthday, Artek!”. Participants of each shift have learned new things about the world, the history of Russia, great people, and everyday heroes.