NUST MISIS Launches the Unique Online-Course “Theory of Creative Problem Solving”

NUST MISIS together with the International TRIZ Association are launching an online course on training specialists in the field of creative problem solving with the use of methodological tools.

The unique course “Theory of Creative Problem Solving” developed by NUST MISIS and the International TRIZ Association, will start on the National Platform for Open Education on October 1, 2018.

Alexander Kudryavtsev, VP of the International TRIZ Association and CEO of the Center for Practical Invention, and Andrey Rozhnov, an Associate Professor at the NUST MISIS Department for Metallography & Physics of Strength and a leading researcher at the NUST MISIS Laboratory of Hybrid Nanostructured Materials, will have leading roles in the course.

“In the course students will be able to learn about the basics of theories of creative problems, the principles of functional technical tasks and the methods of their investigative analysis, the peculiarities of working with consumer expectations, and the search for optical resources [needed] for problem solving”, said Alexander Kudryavtsev, VP of the International TRIZ Association.

The course content is devoted to the formation of universal competence (the ability to use various methods of effective communication, to draw conclusions, and to work in both national and international teams) and professional competence (the ability to demonstrate practical skills to solve problems and conduct comprehensive research, a systematic understanding of applied technical solutions, technologies, & processes in fields corresponding to educational programs, and a deep understanding of economic, organizational, and management issues).

The “Theory of Creative Problem Solving” course consists of 2 parts, and its total duration is 19 weeks. The format of classes includes video lectures, practical tasks, and forum discussions.