NUST MISIS and LANIT to Optimize the Work of Metallurgists with the Help of Artificial Intelligence

NUST MISIS and Lanit have signed a cooperation agreement. The goal of partnership is to develop mathematical algorithms to implement at metallurgical enterprises as part of the Datana joint project.

The Datana project`s aim is to make the production of ferrous and non-ferrous metallurgy more efficient. The Datana system will use predictive analytics and artificial intelligence in combination with deep industry expertise to build predictive mathematical models of technological processes. In real time, a production operator will receive recommendations on the management modes.

NUST MISIS`s leading experts in the fields of steel production and the mathematical modeling of technological processes will coordinate the project.

“NUST MISIS has a team of experts in technology and the simulation of metallurgical processes. We are excited for our long-term and fruitful cooperation with LANIT”, said Vladimir Sapuntsov, Head of the NUST MISIS College of Lifelong Learning.

The Datana system will be used to both control defects and material & energy consumption, as well as to monitor the performance of the technological processes. This will allow enterprises to achieve significant resource savings.