NUST MISIS Physical & Chemical Department Celebrates Its 70thAnniversary

On October 26th, 2018, the NUST MISIS Physical & Chemical Department, the predecessor of the Institute of New Materials and Nanotechnologies, celebrated its 70th anniversary. Many outstanding scientists and educators who had tremendous influence on the development of national science, education and industry, have studied and worked here. Everyone whose life is inextricably connected to the Department gathered to celebrate their favorite department on its anniversary.

The Physical & Chemical Department was founded in 1948, at a difficult time for Soviet Russia. The years following WWII were the peak of industrialization, and Soviet industry was in dire need of new materials and breakthrough technologies. At the time, the nuclear industry was still being developed and the fight against corrosion in reactors required immense scientific and applied research. The Department’s main goal was to get involved in the implementation of the USSR’s nuclear project, which was the key area of scientific and technological development in postwar Russia. The Department achieved that goal, setting itself up for great things in the future.

The creation of the Department marked the beginning of great modernizing changes at the University. Both old and new faculties were actively using the Physical & Chemical Department`s educational base.

In 2006, the Institute of Physical Chemistry and Metals’ establishment was based on the Department, and in 2009 the Institute was transformed into the College of New Materials and Nanotechnologies.

During its rich 70-year history, a great number of distinguished scientists, who have made invaluable contributions to Russia’s scientific and industrial history, have graduated from the Department. These scientists have solved and continue to solve enormously complex issues. The Department has always looked to the future and is doing so today by responding to the challenges ahead of Russia and the world.

On October 26th, 2018, everyone whose academic career and professional activities are inextricably linked with the Department gathered together at NUST MISIS to celebrate the Department’s history.

Sergey Kaloshkin, Head of the NUST MISIS College of New Materials and Nanotechnologies and 1978 graduate of the Physical & Chemical Department, said: “The Physical & Chemical Department`s role in developing the University`s scientific & educational level has been invaluable. The creation of the Department contributed to the enormous success of the development of scientific research in the broader areas of materials science”.

“The materials science base taught at NUST MISIS allows us to understand anything in almost any field, as well as learn something new. I look with admiration at the technologies that are currently being developed at the University because both the aerospace and nuclear industries need the materials that are being made here today”, said Yuri Kara, Soviet and Russian film director and 1978 graduate of the Physical & Chemical Department.

The Physical & Chemical Department is not only about outstanding scientists of the past and present, but also the students, who hold the future of Russia’s materials science and nanotechnology communities in their hands.

“I am confident that the current generation of students will carry the title of physical chemists through the years and will be the basis for [the Department’s] further prosperity”, said Igor Tomilin, 1951 graduate of the Physical & Chemical Department and Professor at the NUST MISIS Physical Chemistry Division.

Photos from the event are available here.