NUST MISIS Holds First Defense Procedure for the Right to Independently Award Academic Degrees

On October 23rd, 2018, NUST MISIS hosted the first defense procedure of a candidate`s dissertation to independently award an academic degree. Ekaterina Fedotova defended her work not before the large Dissertation Council as usual, but before a specially formed commission consisting of specialists in her research field of “Metallurgy of technogenic and secondary resources”.

In May 2018, as part of the implementation of the grant to award degrees independently, NUST MISIS started the work of the Joint Dissertation Council. The Council will have the right to form expert councils and commissions, develop criteria for evaluating research, and issue documents on academic degrees, among other functions.

Ekaterina Fedotova and her dissertation “The study of emissions of melting dust from steelmaking units on the basis of a mathematical model of its formation” is the first candidate to defend their dissertation in the new model of awarding academic degrees.

Supervisor of studies: Doctor of Technical Sciences Butorina Irina V.

According to the defense procedure results, the commission recommended Ekaterina receive a Candidate of Technical Sciences degree. The approval of the results will be held in November at the meeting of the Joint Dissertation Council, and Ekaterina will be issued her Candidate of Sciences diploma in December 2018.

According to the new model, in the future, a separate Expert Commission will be formed from among the leading experts (who have a doctorate degree) on the topic of the thesis to evaluate each work. Representatives from third-party scientific and educational organizations, including international ones, will also sit on these expert commissions. Members of the Commission will evaluate both the report of each candidate and their answers to questions and comments from the reviews of their thesis.

The final decisions will be made by the NUST MISIS Joint Dissertation Council.