NUST MISIS Strengthens its Position in the TOP-100 THE Emerging Economies University Rankings

NUST MISIS took 89th place in the THE Emerging Economies University Rankings, rising by 15 points. This is the best result for the University for all the time in the regional THE ranking. NUST MISIS received the highest scores in terms of “International Interaction” and “Industry Income”.

The Emerging Economies University Rankings, which use the same 13 performance indicators as the THE World University Rankings, is becoming more and more influential every year. To enter it, universities must meet high standards of efficiency for each of the key activities — teaching, research, citation, industry income, and international outlook. This year, universities from 47 countries of the world fought for positions in the ranking. These included 39 Russian universities, among which NUST MISIS takes 9th place.

“For the first time, NUST MISIS entered the list of the best universities in the world according to the THE World University Rankings in 2015. In 2020, the University once again showed positive dynamics in the regional ranking of the THE Emerging Economies University Rankings, taking 89th position. This was possible thanks to growth in all directions. The most noticeable strengthening of NUST MISIS positions was recorded in such areas as Research: publications, income and reputation (+6.3 points), International cooperation: staff, students and co-authorship(+9.5), and especially, ‘Industry Income’ (+15.1),” commented Rector of NUST MISIS Alevtina Chernikova.

The indicator “Industry Income” reflects the degree of business’s desire to pay for the research conducted by the university, as well as the university’s ability to attract financing in the commercial market.

The university pays special attention to innovative developments for the real sector of the economy; every year the university carries out more than 500 contracts with the leading companies in Russia and around the world. As an example, in 2019, the new Severkor steel, which has unique resistance to the hostile environment of transported crude oil, was launched for the production of oilfield pipes. It has been developed by the scientists from the Hybrid Nanostructured Materials laboratory under the guidance of Ph.D. Alexandr Komissarov in conjunction with PAO Severstal. The use of Severkor steel will in the near future guarantees a twofold increase in the service life of products.

International cooperation is one of the priorities of NUST MISIS. More than 20,000 students from 81 countries of the world study at the university. NUST MISIS implements 11 English-taught Master’s programs, as well as a pre-university program for applicants wishing to study in Russian

For all the remaining indicators, such as “Teaching”, “Research” and “Citation”, the university has also shown steady growth. For the past five years since joining the THE Emerging Economies Rankings, NUST MISIS has been showing excellent results, despite the increasing competition: the number of universities participating in the ranking is growing every year.