Students from 26 Countries Enter the NUST MISIS Pre-University Program

NUST MISIS has started classes at the pre-university program to prepare international students for further admission to the university. More than forty students from 26 countries of the world will study the Russian language and subjects necessary for admission to engineering and technical specialties.

The NUST MISIS pre-university program has been operating since 2015. For six years, more than 700 students have studied here, and as a result, 80% of them have become university students. Education at the pre-university program is an opportunity for international students to master the Russian language and the terminology of the main subjects studied at technical universities: mathematics, physics, chemistry or computer science.

Most of the students this year are from Vietnam, Iran and Ecuador. In addition to classes, cultural, sports and adaptation events are held for students. International students learn about legal norms of behavior in Russia, security measures, rules for living on campus, actions in emergencies (ambulance telephones, police, embassies, etc.), health issues, as well as consultations on visa issues, etc.

“For international students, the pre-university program is the first step towards learning a new culture and language. Training at the pre-university program will help students prepare for admission to engineering and technical specialties, adapt to living in Russia, and also make new friends from around the world,” says Maria Baranova, director of the professional navigation and admissions center.

The program is designed for one academic year, at the end of which students receive a certificate of completion of the pre-university program. All graduates take the Unified State Exam or entrance examinations and are enrolled in NUST MISIS on a general basis under the university admission rules. Most often, graduates of the preparatory department enter the College of Environmentally Sound Technologies & Engineering, the College of Mining, the College of New Materials and Nanotechnologies and the College of Information Technologies and Computer Sciences.

Students of the program can be school graduates, bachelors or masters who wish to continue their studies in Russia. You can enter the pre-university program both on a referral of the Ministry of Education and Science of Russia, by applying to the Russia.Study portal (studying on a quota is free), or by paying for the course (the cost is 170,000 rubles). Students are provided with a place in the university dormitory.