NUST MISIS and the China SCO Technology Transfer Center sign a cooperation agreement

NUST MISIS and the China Technology Transfer Center of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) member states signed an agreement for mutually beneficial cooperation and education in science and technology, as well as for the implementation and commercialization of innovative projects. The parties are interested in moving towards joint scientific contacts and consistent technology transfer work.

The MISIS University and Chinese research organizations are bound by a long-standing fruitful cooperation through the BRICS and by the delivery of joint projects supported by the Russian Science Foundation.

The China Technology Transfer Center of the SCO member states is an official multilateral collaboration platform established with the support of the SCO Secretariat, the Ministry of Science and Technology and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the People’s Republic of China. The center was officially opened on December 10, 2020 as a top-level platform to expand international cooperation channels in science and technology, culture, economy and trade among the SCO member states.

The first meeting with representatives of the China Technology Transfer Center of the SCO member states was hosted by the MISIS University in October 2022. At that time, the parties discussed opportunities for cooperation in science and technology, the implementation of joint educational projects and commercialization of research developments.

During the event, discussions were held on issues of organizing bilateral consultations between NUST MISIS experts and Chinese enterprises, filing application for funding joint international research projects, arranging bilateral academic exchange for students and postgraduates and commercializing achievements of science and technology.

The agreement was signed by Zhao Zhongyuan, Director of the China Technology Transfer Center of the SCO member states (on the part of China), and Vadim Petrov, Vice-Rector for Educational Affairs (on the part of the MISIS University).