NUST MISIS hosts the first graduation of the business doctoral program for Chinese citizens

The diplomas were issued to the students trained in the Doctor of Business Administration in Industrial Technology (DBA InTech) program, upon having mastered such topics, as industrial production management, digitalization and its penetration in heavy industries. The graduates received a Doctor of Business Administration degree and practical skills necessary for efficient corporate management in the area selected.

In 2020, the NUST MISIS Center for the Development of Advanced Competencies of Industry Leaders together with its Chinese partner — Joinyea Education Group — launched DBA programs in education, manufacturing industry and healthcare for PRC citizens.

“I am happy to have taken the NUST MISIS DBA program. The University brand, the teaching staff, the alumni community, as well as the accessibility and internationalization of the program — all this enabled me to gain a high level of knowledge and education as part of the DBA program. The friendly care about my studies on the part of Aleksey Lvovich Puchkov, Director of the Center for the Development of Professional Competencies, and my supervisor Evgeny Vladimirovich Zaytsev were worth a lot to me. In general, the 3-year studies at NUST MISIS, including compulsory and elective courses, enabled me to acquire comprehensive knowledge and skills in business management and opened up many practical opportunities,” Zhang Chen, a DBA InTech program graduate, opined about the training.

The classes were taught by lecturers with many years’ hands-on experience of holding senior offices in major Russian and foreign companies. For students of the program to consistently acquire the current management knowledge and master creative competencies and leadership skills, they are offered to visit enterprises of the University’s industrial partners and NUST MISIS major laboratories.

“Our DBA InTech program aims to train senior execs able to robustly administer both (entrusted and/or their own) manufacturing business and their own development in their interrelationship amid the changes common for the second quarter of the 21st century. Chinese students are very interesting to work with, as they seem to demonstrate keenness and respect for our education. They have their own mentality and approach to life, which need to be factored in when communicating. Working with them enables us to acquire a valuable experience and bring our activities to a whole new level, so collaborating with PRC students is always very impactful for us. We expect to continue cooperating with the Chinese counterpart by commencing to train Chinese students in the English-language DBA program titled ‘Welfare Management’. And as early as in September, PRC students taking the Education Doctor (EdD) and the Doctor of Health Management (DHM) programs will start defending their papers,” Aleksey Puchkov, Director at the NUST MISIS Center for the Development of Advanced Competencies of Industry Leaders, noted.

The Joinyea Education Group is a Chinese-Russian company specialized in academic exchange programs and cooperation between Chinese and Russian educational institutions. In the context of implementing NUST MISIS DBA programs, Joinyea Education contributes to curriculum elaboration and information support for students, as well as to arranging internships and events for program students.