Tsironis Georgios

PhD, Leading Researcher at the Laboratory for Superconducting Metamaterials

Doctor of Sciences, Professor. Senior Research Scientist of the NUST MISiS Laboratory of Superconductive Metamaterials, Academic Advisor of the Infrastructural Project of Non-Linear Dynamics, Complexity and Self-Organization in Physics and Technology for NUST MISiS, Professor of the University of Crete and Coordinator of the Crete Center for Quantum Complexity and Nanotechnology.

One of the key achievements of Prof. Tsironis is the manifestation of coherence in the spatially-temporal complexity. In addition, Georgios Tsironis made a significant contribution to solving the Kramer issue with correlated noises, examined the start of non-equilibrium relaxation on account of discrete breathers in lattices, developed a semi-classical theory of polarons in discrete variables, discovered the role of breathers in heat conduction, etc. Recently, jointly with his employees, he analyzed the role of non-linearity in metamaterials by introducing the idea of metamaterials based on the superconducting quantum interference device, examined their hysteretic and breather-based properties and predicted the possibility of generating chimeric conditions in such metamaterials. He proposed the theory of a waveguide based on the Luneburg lens principle, and this theory has been recently confirmed in an experimental way. He is a winner of the open international contest for awarding grants of NUST MISiS that supports research efforts in the area of developing a research area guided by the key scientists.

He is the laureate of the Stefanos Pneumatikos award (1997). Professor Tsironis published over 150 articles in peer-reviewed journals and released three books.

His research interests include solid state physics, non-equilibrium statistical mechanics of discrete breathers, non-linear physics and quantum metamaterials.

Hirsch index — 36