Career events

To increase the efficiency of employment of students one of the most effective ways is to conduct career activities.

These form at sallow:

  • Develop close and direct relationship of “employer-student”, the employer may select or invite for additional interviews of students, manifested itself in the solution of specific tasks and assignments;
  • Get an up-to-date vision of the competencies required by graduates, as well as prompt feedback from the business community on the quality of student training;
  • Increase awareness of the employer’s brand, which contributes to more effective employment of graduates.

Key event:

  • The company of my dreams  in-depth tours and presentations of the visited companies in the framework of the project;
  • Career day — weekly during the semester at the University students meet with employers in the format of centralized live communication, on cooperation to write to the post office;
  • Career forum Pro: career professional navigation platform for the development of competencies and preparation for employment (job fair, interviewing, leadership, personal career coaching, teamwork, inclusion in corporate culture, etc.)
  • Technology of success once a month students can personally communicate with successful graduates-businessmen and statesmen;
  • Social projects with partners;
  • Projects under the order of the partner company.