Career Activities

The key objective of career activities is to acquaint students and graduates with NUST MISIS partner companies and tell them about the competences and jobs in demand in the labor market.

Such activities are held in several formats:

  • Company of My Dream — tours to companies and enterprises, during which participants may get to know a potential employer better and see the real operating procedures and equipment.
  • Career Day — a meeting with representatives of a specific company that covers the company presentation, a narrative regarding career prospects and a Q&A session with students.
  • Job Fair — a large-scale event that includes an exhibition of partner companies, master classes and trainings, discussions and plenary sessions with experts.

The center implements the Academy of Ambassadors program aimed at training students who dream of becoming the company’s representatives in the University. Classes in the academy are devoted to gaining and developing professional skills, mastering the art of rhetoric and dealing with presentations. Participants attend trainings and master classes on public speaking, business correspondence and teamwork. Upon successful completion of the program, its graduates are recommended as brand ambassadors to representatives of the company.

In addition, Career and practical training Center specialists offer advice on drawing up CVs, assist in examining and eliminating errors and in preparing for an interview. You can contact a specialists of Career and practical training for help.

Students may contact Career and practical training Center specialists for taking a professional navigation test to determine their strengths and weaknesses, and for obtaining a list of the most appropriate professions. After testing, advice may be obtained, or one may explore their results on their own.

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