Composite Nanomaterials and Functional Nanosystems

Students acquire knowledge and practical experience in the field of nanomaterials: low-dimensional structures including biologically active ones, thin films, composites, ceramics, structural materials, catalysts, and other objects. The main focus is made on the student involvement at NUST MISIS and partner world-class laboratories. Program graduates possess a wide range of competencies for solving multiple tasks in the field of nanotechnology, essential for their professional fulfillment at research centers and high-tech production sites.

4 years of study

Full-time education in Russian

Admission for International Students

Via e-mail:

Or you can do that personally by address: Moscow, Leninsky Prospekt 6, block 3, room G-369 (College of Mining/G-building).

International Students Service +7 499 230-24-09


Boris Bokstein

Doctor of Physics and Mathematics, Professor

+7 495 638-44-66

Sergey Dmitrievich Kaloshkin

Doctor of Physics and Mathematics, Professor, Director of the Institute of New Materials and Nanotechnologies

+7 495 638-44-22

Natalia Kaputkina

Doctor of Physics and Mathematics, Professor

+7 495 638-46-67

Alexey Rodin

PhD, Associate Professor of the Department of Physical Chemistry

+7 499 638-45-53

Alexey Igorevich Salimon

PhD in physics and mathematics, head of the Physical Chemistry Department, Vice Head of the Laboratory of Accelerated Particles

+7 495 236-87-38

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