Fingerprint registration

All foreign citizens planning to stay in the Russian Federation for a period of more than 90 days are required to undergo the fingerprint registration procedure within 90 days upon the day of their arrival (or 30 days if the purpose of entry is stated as “Employment”). Foreign citizens who arrived in Russia before December 29, 2021, must undergo the fingerprint registration procedure no later than January 2023.

Before the fingerprint registration procedure, it is necessary to undergo a medical examination in medical institutions according to the list approved by the government of Moscow.

The nearest to MISIS University medical examination center is located at 17 Leninsky Prospekt, Moscow. More information here.

As soon as a student receives medical documents, they need to contact the district department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in accordance with the address of students’ dormitory they live in.

Recently, there has been some inconstancy in the fingerprint registration service in the district offices of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, so we offer all foreign citizens to pass the fingerprint registration in one of the following places:

For passing the fingerprint registration procedure, student needs to bring the originals of all the documents listed below as well as two copies of each documents:

  • passport;
  • notarized translation of the passport;
  • visa;
  • migration card;
  • registration;
  • medical certificates;
  • student ID card.

А certificate of fingerprint registration is given after passing the fingerprint registration procedure. Students are to take it with them wherever they go as well as their passport, migration card and registration, and also show it to a university staff member at the next extension of one’s stay.