Frequently asked questions of foreign students

What documents should a foreign citizen always have with them while being in the Russian Federation?
How does one may contact the Migration Accounting Officer of MISIS University?
What are the deadlines for migration registration when a foreign citizen re-enters the Russian Federation?
When and where should foreign students of MISIS University submit documents for migration registration?
What documents should be provided to a University staff member for getting a registration?
What are the requirements for copies of documents provided to a University staff member?
What are the consequences of violating the deadlines for submitting documents for registration?
What happens to registration when traveling in Russia?
What happens to registration when traveling abroad?
What to do when entering Russia?
When and where does one need to apply for a visa extension?
What documents do I need to provide to the Migration Registration officer of the Student Office to apply for a visa?
What is the amount of the state fee a foreign citizen needs to pay for getting visa?
How to pay the state fee for visa processing?
What happens to the visa during academic leave?
Do I need to get health insurance?
What kind of health insurance is suitable?
Does the University provide health insurance?
What is an annual physical examination?
What is fingerprint registration?
Where can I see the list of medical organizations in which it is possible to undergo a medical examination before fingerprint registration?
Who needs to undergo fingerprint registration and when?
If the period in the migration card has expired, can I throw it away?
What should I do if a foreign citizen has lost his documents?
What should a foreign student do if his passport expires during the study period?
What happens when you are evicted from the dormitory?
Is it possible to live in a students’ dormitory if a foreign student is on academic leave?
When should the stamp on the extension of the temporary stay be put?
Can a foreign student work?
A foreign citizen has received a residence permit and submitted documents for registration, and his passport is indicated in the detachable part of the new registration. Why is that?

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