The Fifth Meeting of the International Scientific Advisory Council

From 1st to 4th March, 2016, NUST MISIS hosted the Fifth Meeting of the International Scientific Advisory Council. The Council meeting involved the participation of some of the world`s leading scientists, hailing from Cambridge, Stanford, Technion and other world-class centers for research and education.

The ISAC members discussed the results of the University`s activities in 2015, opined on the state of affairs in the fields of science and education, and gave recommendations about NUST MISIS’s further development. Following tradition, all the members of ISAC delivered open lectures and participated in roundtables devoted to current scientific topics.

“As a member of the ISAC, I’ve experienced for 2 years now the progress that has been made by NUST MISIS, especially in the fields of international publication and the internationalization of its student programs. We have the impression they’re on the right track, and significant progress is already visible after only two years time. With respect to your laboratories I’m really becoming a bit jealous, because you have extraordinary new equipment installed here, and these new laboratories also give young researchers access to new, interesting, and challenging scientific fields”, said Professor Dr. Wolfgang Bleck, member of NUST MISIS International Scientific Advisory Council (RWTH Aachen University, Germany).

ISAC members were shown the results of the four laboratories opened at NUST MISIS in 2015 and led by the winners of the NUST MISIS open international grant competition: the Nano Chemistry and Ecology Laboratory, headed by Leonid Kustov; the Advanced Green Materials Laboratory, led by Akihisia Inoue—one of the most cited scientists in the world; the Functional Low-Dimensional Structures Laboratory, headed by Sergey Morozov; and the Laser Ultrasonic Nondestructive Testing Laboratory, led by Alexander Karabutov. These research teams have already published a number of articles in the leading international scientific journals.

ISAC members also noticed NUST MISIS’s publication activity, which during the last 2 years has increased to a qualitatively new level. NUST MISIS ranks first among Russian universities in the quality of scientific publications in top journals.

“Throughout my collaboration with NUST MISIS I have seen serious achievements by my colleagues, both in educational and research activities. The number of publications in the leading scientific journals (Nature, Nature Physics, Nature Communication) has significantly increased. More and more laboratories corresponding to the highest international standards are being opened at the University, and the number of international students is constantly growing”, — said Professor Harry Bhadeshia, member of NUST MISIS International Scientific Advisory Council (University of Cambridge, UK).