Vietnamese students from MISIS University had a meeting with the Vice Minister of Education from their country.

Vice Minister of Education of Vietnam Hoang Minh Son met with Vietnamese students studying in Russian universities. The participants discussed employment opportunities for graduates, living expenses for foreign students in Russia, and opportunities for expanding cooperation between universities and businesses of both countries. The meeting was attended by over 150 Vietnamese students from 16 different universities, including five students from NUST MISIS.

Representatives of the Russian-Vietnamese Department of International Cooperation and rectors of leading universities in Vietnam also answered students’ questions. International colleagues spoke about the achievements of the Vietnamese student community over the past year. Among them are cultural and sports festivals, Vietnam days at Russian universities, etc.

The students learned about the potential for developing new initiatives within the international student community in Russia, as well as opportunities for scientific and educational collaboration with universities in Vietnam.

Hoang Minh Son emphasized the long-standing friendship between Vietnam and Russia in the field of education, and stressed the significance of learning Russian. In the near future, Russian language classes will be offered in Vietnam, in collaboration with the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation. These classes will take place at the Hanoi branch of the Pushkin Institute, and are intended for students who wish to pursue their studies in Russia.

“Students from Vietnam make up approximately 4% of the total number of international students at NUST MISIS, which is four times higher than the average percentage for Russian universities,” said Dmitry Vasiliev, the director of international affairs at MISIS University. “This geographical area is of significant interest to the university, as the Vietnamese labor market requires training in high-tech and knowledge-intensive fields. Students from this region are talented and motivated individuals,” he added.

MISIS University was represented at the meeting by four Vietnamese students from the College of New Materials and a student from the College of Computer Science.