NUST МISIS at NAFSA International Educational Expo

On May 2015, the 67th Annual Conference and Expo of NAFSA: Association of International Educators was held in Boston,USА. NUST MISIS participated in this event with other top Russian universities in the framework of the Academic Excellence Program named as the Project.

The 2015 NAFSA Conference & Expo is the world’s largest forum, gathering representatives from universities and educational institutions in the United States and worldwide, who focus on the internationalization and new horizons of education.

The NUST MISIS delegation endeavored to attain the global objective of promoting the University to become one of the most dynamic educational and research centers in Russia and finding new partners among the most prominent Western higher educational institutions for long-term and comprehensive cooperation in the field of science and education. At the moment, NUST MISIS partners with over 100 higher educational institutions worldwide, and this number is steadily increasing.

NUST MISIS arranges educational and internship programs for its students at leading world universities on a broad basis. At the same time, MIS&S provides eight two-year English-medium Master’s programs, : “Advanced Materials Science”, “Advanced Metallic Materials and Engineering,” “Communications and International Public Relations”, “Inorganic Nanomaterials,” “Multicomponent Nanostructured Coatings. Nanofilms,” “Nanotechnology and Materials for Micro- and Nanosystems,” “Quantum Physics for Advanced Materials Engineering,” and “Science and Materials of Solar Energy.” Today over 2000 international students from 52 countries study at NUST MISIS, and 28 international professors have been employed here.

The University representatives also participated in numerous activities at NAFSA focused on the experience of academic exchange and related topics, getting opinions from international experts on the crucial issues connected to the promotion of higher education within the global scientific and educational community.