Congress of Student Associations

November 20-22, International Friendship Club together with other student associations organized the International Congress of Student Associations “Networking Student Interactions” at NUST MISIS, which was attended by representatives from more than 15 universities including MEPI, RGUNG, MGRS, RSSU , RG, MSU, MIEMP, VSB (Technical university of Ostrava), TU-Darmstadt, as well as youth organizations such as the Association of Armenian Youth of Moscow AAMM, RASNO, and representatives of international partner universities in Germany and the Czech Republic.

November 20, the Congress was inaugurated by a charity gala concert dedicated to the International Student’s Day. The participants of the concert were not only NUST MISIS students, but “little friends” of volunteers from the International Friendship Club — kids from the Special Orphanage № 11. They came on the stage in beautiful dresses and performed a little dance program, took part in an interview with Media Center “MISIS Media,” and received gifts from the organizers of the concert.

November 22-23, the Congress held roundtables on topics such as “KID and volunteering,” “Science and Career,” and “Sport and Tourism” to discuss goals and objectives, mechanisms of self-government (teamwork, leadership development, adaptation and socialization of international students, employment assistance, and more). One outcome of the Congress was the establishment of a working group of representatives from various universities. Now this working group is developing the means to create an international association of student associations.