Scientific Photo Competition “Endless Science” Starts at NUST MISIS

A competition of scientific photos “Endless Science”, organized by the department of international scientific and technical projects, has started at NUST MISIS. The information sponsor of this event is the TASS News Agency “Science”.

The competition is held to promote science and increase interest in researching taking place within NUST MISIS. The prize in this competition is the publication of the photograph in popular and scientific mass media.

Participation in the competition is open to research teams and divisions of the University, as well as individual scientists at various levels. The jury accepts photographs of any genre regarding “Endless Science,” i.e. the photo’s plot must be linked with any manifestation of scientific research. Each work must be accompanied by a text explanation of what is shown in the photo, indicating, if necessary, the compositions, resolution (in the case of microscopy), etc.

Themes of the competition:

— Microcosm of Science

— Macrocosm of Science

— Science from a Different Angle

— Harmony of Science

Works to participate in the photo contest are taken monthly from May to December 2015, during the period from the 1st to 20th day of the current month. Summing up the results will be held from the 20th to 25th of each month. On the 30th day of each month is the day to award winners.

To participate in the photo contest you must submit a request via e-mail to

More information about the conditions of the competition, the selection procedure, and the photo requirements can be found on the NUST MISIS Science portal or send an inquiry to (Department of International Scientific and Technical Projects).