Wikipedia Founder Jimmy Wales to Lecture at #EdCrunch

On September 14th, 2016, Wikipedia Founder Jimmy Wales will deliver a lecture at #EdCrunch. Wales, one of the main global players in the internet market, will participate in the press-conference and will deliver a lecture on “The role of technologies in education and the transformation of education under the influence of technologies”.

The key topic of the 3rd international conference on new educational technologies is “Blended learning: traditions and the future”. Blended learning, which is a combination of classical forms of education with more modern technologies of e-learning, is one of the main trends of 21st century education. Due to the widespread expansion of the internet it has become an integral part of life.

“The combination of education and technology leads to a greater openness and accessibility of education that leads to enormous changes in the world. I’ll talk about it in my lecture, as I believe it’s a very relevant topic”, commented Jimmy Wales.

The leading experts in the field of educational technologies from 40 countries and every Russian region will gather for #EdCrunch, one of Europe`s largest conferences, to discuss the opportunities and necessity of the implementation of online tools into traditional formats of education, with the aim to improve the quality of the educational process across the board.

The #EdCrunch conference will be held from September 12 — 14, 2016. NUST MISIS and the Institute of Economic Development Acceleration “The Rybakov Fund” are the organizers of the conference, and the forum will be held through the support of the Ministry of Education & Science. Jimmy Wales will deliver his lecture on September 14th at 10 a.m. at NUST MISIS (Leninsky prospect, 4. NUST MISIS House Culture).