NUST MISIS Has Shown the Best Dynamic of Growth in Admission Quality Monitoring

NUST MISIS has entered the TOP-25 Russian universities and TOP-5 Russian engineering universities according to the annual admission quality monitoring for 2016, having displayed the best enrollment campaign over the last 5 years.

The Social Navigator Project (RIA Novosti — Russian International News Agency) has presented the results of the annual quality monitoring of all-Russian admissions of applicants in higher education institutions in 2016. The monitoring was conducted by the National Research University Higher School of Economics through the support of the Ministry of Education & Science.

According to the study’s results, NUST MISIS took 21st place among 425 higher education institutions with state-funding, which help place more than 300 students into the top universities in Russia without charge. In the overall list, not taking into account the number of state-funded places, NUST MISIS took 29th place.

The strength of the university’s incoming engineering students and the engineering program’s health have considerably improved in recent years. On the Unified State Exam, the average score of NUST MISIS students’ this year was 80.8 points. These results have allowed NUST MISIS to enter the top-5 leading technical universities in Russia.