NUST MISIS to Work with Education Center “Sirius”

NUST MISIS and the “Sirius” center for gifted education have signed a cooperative agreement to organize and hold vocational guidance for gifted school students.

“Sirius” was created in Sochi under the initiative of the Russian President by the educational foundation “Talent and Success” which was implemented during the Olympic preparation.

The best professors and lecturers work here with gifted students from across the country, and the organization`s main strategic approach is the balanced and creative development of a child’s personality. Children are provided with sessions during which leading scientists, noteworthy teachers, and experts conduct classes on general and professional training programs, give popular-scientific lectures, and host master-classes.

NUST MISIS will cooperate with “Sirius” in the field of science; from January 2017 onward the leading scientists and academics from the university will deliver lectures on physics and hold workshops on the organization of engineering activities for “Sirius”.

Additionally, joint projects with “Sirius” laboratories will be held, primarily with the Lab for Nanotechnologies, the Lab for Biohacking, and the Department of Physical Chemistry at NUST MISIS.

NUST MISIS’s goal is to help students to better understand the subjects of technical profiles, to support student interest in engineering, and consequently, to help children and teenagers make a more conscious choice about their future profession.

This work has already produced tangible results: in 2016 over 50% of the university’s applicants immediately brought the originals of their documents. Using originals during the application process, and not copies, typically shows that your university is the student’s first choice. This means that applicants were confident they had made the correct choice about their future university and work sphere.