NUST MISIS Presents a Supercapacitor for New All-Composite Aircraft at MAKS-2017

From July 18th-21st, 2017, in Zhukovsky, and held with the support of Moscow International Aviation and Space Salon MAKS-2017, NUST MISIS presented 30 scientific-technological developments for the aerospace industry, including a new type of combined power sources for launching aviation technologies under conditions of the Extreme North. On July 19th, NUST MISIS scientists held a roundtable dedicated to electricity storage for aerodrome equipment and aerial vehicles.

More than 770 companies representing 30 countries participated in the Salon. 84 aerial vehicles took part in the air program, including the new version of the turboprop aircraft developed at SibNIA. The craft, which is named after S.A. Chalygin and based on the popular An-2 (an all-composite TVS-2DTS), carries supercapacitors developed jointly by NUST MISIS scientists and TEEMP specialists.

NUST MISIS presented prototypes and examples of modern industrial developments for the aerospace complex. Hybrid power sources based on chemical current sources and capacitor structures, which exceed the efficiency of current world-class sources by 1.5 to 2 times and are 2 to 3 times cheaper, were among the new products.

On July 17th, NUST MISIS officially became a part of the team meeting to work on energy development on the State Commission for Arctic Development, chaired by Russian Energy Minister Alexander Novak. The University has demonstrated its readiness to take part in the implementation of projects contributing to an increase in energy efficiency of the military-industrial complex in the Arctic. Supercapacitors for uninterruptible power supply systems, a Hybrid Electric Energy Storage System, magnetic systems with operating temperature to —180°С, new type alloy steels, including cold-resistant rollings for oilfield pipelines (SeverCorr project), etc., are among NUST MISIS’s scientific developments for the Extreme North.

On July 18th, in the meeting with UAC representatives, a presentation of the mobile diagnostic complex for registration and control of crack extensions with the aim to forecast aircraft states was held at the University`s stand. The parties discussed the possibility of embedding amorphous ferromagnetic microwires in the composite materials of components and parts. Experimental testing of the development is planned to occur at the Corporation`s production site at the end of August.

A series of events with university speakers participating were held during the Salon`s business program. Vadim Petrov, NUST MISIS Vice-Rector of Educational Affairs, took part in the panel discussion „X-men: combination of competencies as a new technology for the preparation of engineering-managerial personnel”. The panel discussion was organized by RANEPA. Professor Vladimir Belov, head of the Department of Foundry Technology & Artistic Processing of Materials at NUST MISIS, and Andrey Travyanov, head of the NUST MISIS College of Environmentally Sound Technologies & Engineering, delivered reports during the „Digital aircraft” session, organized by UAC and Russian Helicopters.