Science achievements

NUST MISIS Scientist Shortlisted for Snob Magazine Award

Danila Saranin, research fellow at NUST MISIS’ Laboratory for Advanced Solar Energy, was shortlisted in the 2020 Snob magazine award for the “Made in Russia” prize. At NUST MISIS, Saranin works on developing new generation perovskite solar cells that can be used indoors to wirelessly charge small devices. The prizes will be awarded on December 11.

Russian Scientists Develop World Most-Sensitive Photon Video Detector

Scientists from NUST MISIS National Technological Initiative Center “Quantum Communications” are developing the world’s first prototype of an infrared photon video detector. This will be a camera so powerful that it would be able to track the movement of single particles. The camera will be equipped with a 1000-pixel matrix, and such a system will be used in a number of areas where high-precision measurements are required: secure communications, including satellite ones, quantum computing, and diagnostic medicine. The development is carried out within a contract with the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation.

Scientists Discover New Remarkable Materials Properties at Ultrahigh Pressure

An international team of scientists from NUST MISIS (Russia), Linköping University (Sweden) and University of Bayreuth (Germany) found that, contrary to the usual physical and chemical laws, the structure of some materials does not condense at ultrahigh pressures. Actually, it forms a porous framework filled with gas molecules. This happened with samples of Os, Hf, and W put together with N in a diamond anvil at a pressure of one million atmospheres. The discovery is described in Angewandte Chemie.

Ash from Power Stations To Be Processed into Reagents for Water Purification

Russian metallurgists proposed to dissolve the ash waste of thermal power stations with hydrochloric acid at high pressure. The resulting compounds can be used for water treatment at water utilities and thermal power stations themselves. The method has already shown effective deposition of impurities in water from Moskva river. The description of the technology is published by scientists from NUST MISIS and a number of other universities in Journal Cleaner Production. The research is funded Russian science Foundation under the Presidential Program for Research Projects.