Maker Faire Moscow to be Held at NUST MISIS

Russia`s largest 3D printer and a “Special Agent Machine” will be presented at the international Maker Faire Moscow festival, which will be held at NUST MISIS.

On July 9th — 10th, 2017, for the first time in Russia, NUST MISIS will host the international Maker Faire Moscow, the world`s famous festival of invention, creativity, and resourcefulness. The festival will gather more than 200 participants from around the world, who will present their best achievements of engineering ideas—from designer furniture toa geekrobot—all created by ordinary people.

For two days in the heart of Moscow near Gorky Park, hundreds of amateur designers and young engineers from different countries will gather to tell, teach, surprise, unite and expand Moscow’s and the world’s maker communities.

The Maker Faire is a unique technological platform which attracts both the latest technologies and traditional crafts. The Festival was first held back in 2006 in San Mateo, California, but in just 10 years it has become the world`s largest exhibition of technological achievements created by ordinary people. Today, it is the world`s most famous festival in the fields of technologies and popular science.

The Maker Faire Moscow-2017 program includes open lectures delivered by leading makers of Russia, the USA, Europe, and Asia, as well as more than 100 interactive stands: a manipulator with a neurointerface; Jack-Shellhammer (machine for 3D cutting of foam plastic); a facial recognition system used to access equipment control; Printzilla, Russia`s largest 3D printer (length of diagonal axis Z=3.0 meters); fast assembled copters; kinetic constructions, machines; nurses, as well as dozens of master classes and contests. The designing and launching of rockets and rocket planes, shooting with giant medieval trebuchets and assembling knight bows from PVC pipes, a soldering marathon, life-size dinosaurs, fusion-design and silk printing, and numerous other activities will be waiting for young guests.

The festival will present:

• “Dark room” with light-emitting projects;

• Interactive alley presenting makers` projects “Maker Alley”;

• •Makers` community infrastructure exposition — from schools to business accelerators, from producer-handcrafters to large companies;

• Maker Bazar

• Exhibition of children`s inventions and developments “Young Makers”

From popular science, traditional handicraft, smart machines, impressive design, and distinctive art-objects to a wide range of workshops—crafts on robotics, a potter`s wheel, a 3D-printer, handmade gadgets, and so much more—everyone of every age will find something after his or her heart at the exhibition.

“It`s probably the greatest show on earth — a global celebration of the triumph of courage, creativity, and hard work; this festival of popular science and technology [has] garage innovations, digital art, new technologies, and traditional crafts, and is a meeting place for those who do, think, and share their experience and knowledge, as well as [simply being] a great opportunity to effectively and pleasantly spend a weekend with family and friends”, said Anna Vakulik, one of the organizers of the Festival and Deputy Head of the NUST MISIS FabLab.

The first Moscow Mini Maker Faire, which attracted more than 5,000 visitors and 90 makers, was held last summer in 2016.

Maker \ˈmā-kər\: a person who makes something. On one hand, “the maker” is a phenomenon as old as man himself; on the other hand, in a new reading of the word, it’s a very young one: the modern maker movement is only a little more than 10 years old.

In a world where seemingly everything can be bought with money, the modern maker prefers to create things with his or her own hands using traditional or contemporary, personal or collective instruments. The real maker is often driven by curiosity and the challenge of “Can I?,” not just by the desire to make money or become famous.

NUST MISIS’s FabLab team, Russia`s first lab for digital production, is the organizer of the Maker Faire Moscow.

NUST MISIS, Moscow, Leninsky prospect, 4, Oktyabrskaya metro station

September 9th-10th, 2017 (Saturday &Sunday)


If you have any questions regarding participation, please contact Anna Vakulik at

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NUST MISIS Press Office, +7 (495) 647-23-09