Recreation and Study: NUST MISIS Summer Schools Attract International Students

NUST MISIS is one of the leading universities in the fields of materials science and IT-technologies organizing summer schools, which are in great demand among international students.

This summer, more than 100 students from China, the Netherlands, Germany, Greece and other countries took part in two NUST MISIS summer schools for materials science, as well as the new interdisciplinary school “Mainstreams of IT: Big Data and Project Management”, organized on the basis of NUST MISIS’s College of Information Business Systems.

“We managed to attract leading experts and famous businessmen to participate in our summer schools, which allowed us to create the richestand most interesting possible program. We focused on practical training. The participants had meetings with the heads of major IT-companies and leading experts in numerous fields of ecosystems and architecture of big data, including text recognition and the basics of text management”, said Marina Nezhurina, Director of NUST MISIS College of Information Business Systems.

The “Mainstreams of IT: Big Data and Project Management” educational program includes a business game on project management, Belbin`s test, studies of the agile project management methodology, a master class devoted to communication during conflicts, a visit to Rosatom`s engineering center, and an excursion to IBS—during which the summer school students learned how the projects are implemented in practice with the use of dig data tools.

In addition to technical subjects, international students had Russian language classes, and with the help of NUST MISIS students they got an extended firsthand tour of Moscow, visiting all kinds of museums and exhibitions.

According to Marina Nezhurina, “The summer school format helps international students who study in Moscow to learn more about the educational process. It’s great practice for attracting international students to our University`s English language master`s degree programs. Students from China and Europe taking summer school classes at NUST MISIS will take fond memories about Russia and their time at NUST MISIS back home, and strive to return to continue their studies. Next year we are planning to expand the summer school opportunities by organizing basic and advanced levels of training”.