NUST MISIS Becomes Co-Organizer of All-Russian Forum “Russia`s Future Intellectual Leaders”

NUST MISIS has signed an agreement of cooperation with “Projectory” portal and has become a co-organizer of the all-Russian youth forum “Russia`s future intellectual leaders”, which will be held from September 1st to 4th, 2017, in Yaroslavl.

The forum will gather 500 talented school students from all over Russia — winners of Olympiads, contestants in the fields of scientific-technological creativity and natural sciences, patent holders, and young inventors — for a joint journey through the world of the most important and sought-after professions.

The All-Russian forum “Russia`s future intellectual leaders” is the largest multipurpose platform for communication, training, and the presentation of one’s own projects and ideas that gathers talented school students from across Russia. The Forum was created under the executive order of the Russian Federation President and has been held since 2013. “Projectory” portal is the event’s immediate organizer.

The forum is one of the best ways to support talented children, and it was created with the aim of improving the interest of school students in natural sciences, the humanities, and engineering, as well as expanding these children’s opportunities for early career counseling.

The signed agreement involves joint work on the development of a modern system of remote support and the early professional orientation of talented school students with a high motivation to study natural sciences and engineering disciplines.

In particular, within the framework of the cooperation, NUST MISIS will develop project tasks and cases for “Projectory” portal. For the solution of these tasks, the most active and successful young school students will get an opportunity to apply to study at NUST MISIS on favorable terms. NUST MISIS professors and lecturers will act as tutors and experts at the portal and will help school students to find the most effective solution for their cases.