Open Dialog: NUST MISIS Administration Meets with Students

On October 30th, 2017, the meeting between NUST MISIS’s administration and a group of Russian and international students took place as part of the “Open Rectorate” project.

Twice during the academic year, the University administration holds open meetings with students from every level of education. This format of interaction provides students the chance to share their ideas and suggestions on the University`s development, to voice problems, and to pose any question concerning an aspect of student life. Questions are asked either during the meeting or are sent in advance through an online form on the University`s official website.

This time, one of the most important questions asked at the meeting was about the discussion of additional opportunities to study English and to participate in dual-degree academic programs. Also, lots of questions were focused on the development of scholarship programs and the creation of a database for student progress, which would help to make the process of high scholarships` assignment more transparent and objective. By emphasizing that more than 50 scholarship programs operate at the University today, Alevtina Chernikova, the Rector of NUST MISIS, invited the most active and engaged students to join the working group created for the development of technical specifications for the automation of this process. Students also had questions related to the educational process, field experience & internships, career opportunities, student social life, housing conditions in dormitories, and the development of university infrastructure and sport clubs.

Thanks to this fantastic feedback, it is possible to make the positive changes necessary to maintain a comfortable environment for studying and enabling creativity at NUST MISIS. Accordingly, the university has made a mechanism for accommodating Internet payment, added additional bike racks on campus, and begun both renovation and the construction of new rooms for self-education as a result of student suggestions. Also, the University has equipped the “Miner” recreation ground with sport facilities, remodeled the pool in the “Metallurgist” recreation ground, expanded Wi-Fi zones across University campuses, and improved the service for students` personal accounts on the university’s website.