NUST MISIS Makes High-Potential Employees Pool

On November 8th, 2017, the orientation session of the “MISIS Engineers of the Future” club, which will train specialists for the University`s high-potential employees pool, took place at NUST MISIS.

One of the most important areas of NUST MISIS’s development is the training of specialists who will be able to help solve relevant and important tasks for the University`s modernization. To accomplish this, the “MISIS Engineers of the Future” club, which includes 50 participants selected by the Expert Council, was created at the University.

To study modern management tools and to master leadership skills, basic project management, & change management, the Club’s members will take part in training sessions, business games, and master classes over the next 6 months.

During the training program, the participants will start with a project idea and take it all the way to their project defense in May 2018.

The university expects the Club members to become a team of like-minded colleagues able to not only lead and make ongoing changes at NUST MISIS, but to provide reliable support to daily work aimed at the University`s development.