NUST MISIS Launches English-Language Dual Degree Program in Management

NUST MISIS and AGH University of Science and Technology have signed an agreement on the implementation of an English-language master`s degree program in management.

The implementation of the course implies the possibility that students will master the joint program with the use of resources from both universities. If a student completes the program, he/she will receive diplomas from both universities. The first enrollment will occur in the academic year.

Cooperation between the NUST MISIS Department of Economics & Production Organization and the AGH Faculty of Management started more than 50 years ago, thanks to Professor Vladimir Romenets and his doctoral student Veslav Vashkilevich, who eventually became the dean of the AGH Faculty of Management. Since then, an exchange of students between the universities as part of a summer industrial internship has taken place annually.

The signing of this agreement for the implementation of joint educational programs in English is an important step in the development of long-term relationships between NUST MISIS and AGH.