NUST MISIS Students Win QUALITY EDUCATION — 2017 International Contest

Maria Ignatyeva took 3rd place in the “Specialized Graduate Work” nomination with her project aimed at improving Utair’s aircraft fleet’s leasing effectiveness. Nadezhda Shmeleva, a Candidate of Economic Sciences and a senior lecturer, heads the project.

Yana Chukova took 2nd place in the “Academic Work” nomination with her report on industrial placement at the Ryazan Non-Ferrous Plant. Evgenia Eliseeva, a Candidate of Economic Sciences and a senior lecturer, is the project’s adviser.

According to the contest results, NUST MISIS has entered the TOP-5 of the compiled ranking, taking 5th place. The “Science and Education Online” internet project, the International Center for research projects, and “The Intellectual Development of Young Scientists” project organized the contest.