“Lift to the Future” Leads the Way to Cup MISIS Case

NUST MISIS has won the “Career faculty” contest for the best project aimed at developing university work for training graduates with engineering and technical specialties. The contest was a part of the “Lift to the Future” program held by “Sistema”, a Russian charity foundation.

The NUST MISIS Career Center`s project to hold the Cup MISIS Case championship has been named one of the winners of the All-Russian “Career faculty” contest and has received a grant for the championship’s further development.

The project is aimed at creating a modern case-movement and building a dialogue between the business and academic communities at NUST MISIS. Participants will solve tasks of interest to modern companies.

A program to set up training sessions and workshops designed to cultivate core skills required to solve engineering tasks will be developed as part of the project. The contest’s goal is to spread awareness of the best graduate training practices, and a series of events will be held in multiple universities across Russia.

During the upcoming two-month span there will be case-championships in a wide variety of scientific fields, including mining, metallurgy, materials science & nanotechnologies, information technologies, economics & management, as well as technical linguistics. The winners will enter the “Cup MISIS Case”, the finale of the All-Russian Championship for solving engineering tasks.

“Lift to the Future” is a program created by “Sistema” in order to support youth creativity and interest in technology, scientific research, and engineering-construction design.