Russia`s First SAP Next-Gen Lab to be Launched at NUST MISIS

NUST MISIS, SAP, Ruspolymet, and ASAP Consulting will launch Russia`s first SAP Next-Gen Laboratory for the development of new technological solutions in the mining and metallurgical fields. NUST MISIS students will implement new projects with the use of big data processing technologies and the digitalization of production for Russia`s leading companies — partners and customers of SAP.

SAP Next-Gen Lab is a new platform for studying advanced technologies and developing unique projects for NUST MISIS students and professors. The Lab will give young specialists access to training materials, SAP IT-solutions, and the technological equipment necessary for tests and experiments. SAP Next-Gen Lab and NUST MISIS will become a platform to hold hackathons, lectures, crowdsourcing events, and innovative projects. Ruspolymet and ASAP Consulting will be the lab`s first partners.

“Specialists with practical experience who will be in demand among [cutting-edge] Russian companies will be trained at NUST MISIS. The SAP Next-Gen Lab will become a place where future IT specialists, material scientists, and metallurgists will be able to solve interdisciplinary problems and implement new ideas which will change industry over time”, said Timothy E. O`Connor, NUST MISIS Vice-Rector of Academic Affairs.

SAP is implementing the “SAP University Alliance” program, where the company cooperates with universities around the world and introduces students and teachers to SAP software and technologies to digitally transform the economy and business through Internet solutions of things such as big data, blockchain, analytics, robotics, machine learning, and virtual, augmented, and mixed reality. More than 3200 educational institutions from 111 countries, including 120 Russian and CIS universities, participate in the SAP University Alliance.

“Cooperation between Ruspolymet and the SAP University Alliance is due to our enterprise`s logic of development. We have passed the [phase of] modernization and diversification of production, and now it`s time for the digital transformation of our business processes. Ruspolymet is a science-driven, high-tech, innovative production which today is unthinkable without modern digital technologies. That’s why we are ready to provide NUST MISIS students with a business platform for the development of unique software, thereby contributing to the training of professional specialists for the Russian economy. Together we can come up with breakthrough ideas not only for our company but also for the entire mining and metallurgical industries”, said Maxim Klochai, General Director of Ruspolymet.

“SAP has a huge portfolio of projects for business with the use of advanced technologies — Internet of things, machine learning, artificial intelligence, Data Science. We cooperate with Russian universities as part of the SAP Next-Gen Lab program and we invest in academic programs to train professionals with practical experience and knowledge for the Russian economy. Russian metallurgical companies work with us to implement innovations in the business, and that`s why NUST MISIS’s new lab`s project will be in demand in the industry”, added Aleksey Petunin, SAP CIS Deputy General Director.