NUST MISIS Hosts Press Tour for International Journalists

On April 24th-25th, 2018, journalists from the world`s leading mass media outlets visited NUST MISIS to get acquainted with one of the leading Russian universities in science, education, and technology. Representatives of the leading state information agencies from Italy, Greece, Serbia, Macedonia, Bulgaria, India and China examined NUST MISIS`s key scientific & technological locations & laboratories and went to working Moscow production plants where some of NUST MISIS’s advanced scientific achievements are used.

The format of the press tour for the international journalists keenly demonstrates the collaboration NUST MISIS has been striving for over the past few years. Thanks to the tour, the university will get coverage in European, American, and Asian media. NUST MISIS has been successfully working to create a positive image in Western media, and events like this tour and the large number of scientific publications from its scientists will only help cultivate that image.

The Press-Tour 2018 garnered continued interest in NUST MISIS from Indian and Chinese news agencies, while also piquing curiosity from Italy, Macedonia, Greece and Bulgaria. During the press tour the journalists visited the NUST MISIS Center for Industrial Prototyping of High Complexity, the Laboratory of Superconducting Metamaterials, the Biomedical Nanomaterials Laboratory, and the Advanced Solar Energy Laboratory. The University`s biomedical research developments and excursion to the innovative plant owned and operated by TEEMP in Khimki, where they managed to see the direct production process of supercapacitors modules for the launch of heavy equipment in extreme weather conditions, drew special interest. The unique electrolytes based on carbon fiber created at the NUST MISIS Department for Physical Chemistry are the functional basis of the units.

The NUST MISIS Quantum Center Laboratory for Quantum Communications, and the Blockchain Commune were the program’s final stops. Both prompted a lot of questions from the journalists. Most of their attention was focused on a press-conference on blockchain technologies, which are rapidly developing around the world and are currently a key topic in media.

“I would like to note the high-quality and useful information about Russian science and research-practical topics that were presented during the press tour. I also want to thank the NUST MISIS team for their efforts to present the best to us. I had the opportunity to see and assess the high standards of the University”, — said Pavlosh Kapellos Drakopulos, representative of the Athens New Agency MPA.

The event ended with an informal meeting between the journalists and NUST MISIS’s international and graduate students from their countries to consolidate the links between all the nations involved.