PhD Degree Studies at NUST MISIS Led by World Leading Scientists

NUST MISIS is launching a new project to enroll students in postgraduate degree programs led by the University`s leading scientists. These programs will offer the unique opportunity to work as part of international research groups in world-class laboratories, as well as to do internships in leading American and European universities. Some of the laboratories even provide scholarships that are worth up to 30,000 Rubles a month.

NUST MISIS started this project to give talented PhD students an opportunity to learn from the best representatives from the scientific community, to participate in leading international conferences, and to increase the University’s publication activity in prestigious science journals. “Materials technologies”, “Physics and astronomy”, “Electronics, and “radio engineering & communication systems,” are key among the areas of training.

Twenty-one scientists, including winners of state awards and of the Russian Government Megagrant program, will take part in the program as research supervisors. Professor Aldo Di Carlo (h index=42), widely known as a specialist in the field of large-size solar cells based on perovskites, is among those scheduled to supervise the PhD students. Several IT and energy companies have been created thanks to his research, and a few of them even promote partnerships between public and private organizations.

Professor Andrei Golutvin, leader of the SHiP experiment at CERN and world-renowned specialist in the field of particle physics, will also supervise. Professor Alexei Ustinov, one of the world`s most famous experts in the field of long Josephson transitions and a winner of the Russian Government Megagrant, will also take part in the program.

According to Andrey Ignatov, the Director of the NUST MISIS Center for Training Highly-Qualified Personnel, “today, no university offers such opportunities — more than 30 world-class laboratories and 3 modern engineering centers operate at NUST MISIS. Future PhD degree students should have good scientific training in their chosen field of study [as well as] an excellent command of the English language”.

The University will hold admission tests for the program according to standard procedure, but in a prospective student’s application, the applicant must mention that they want to learn under a leading scientist. The examination in an applicant’s discipline includes both a written and oral part. At the interview, the admissions commission headed by the respective leading scientist will assess and score the applicant based on the full scope of their application.

If necessary, NUST MISIS will provide dormitory housing in the award-winning “Commune House” to all PhD students who qualify for a budgetary spot. In addition to housing, a number of research supervisors will give their students the opportunity to get a scholarship worth 30,000 Rubles a month for the first two years of the program.

For more details, please contact representatives from the University’s Admissions Office and the Center for Training Highly-Qualified Personnel.