#EdCrunch2018 Presents: Cases on Digital Transformation from Five Leading American Universities

Experts from leading American universities — leaders in the field of the development and implementation of new educational technologies — will take part in #EdCrunch2018, the 5th Global conference in the field of new educational technologies that will be held in Moscow on October 1st and 2nd, 2018. Representatives of Cornell University, the University of Michigan, the University of Arizona, the University of Central Florida, and Massachusetts Institute of Technology are among the conference’s participants.

Leading American experts—distinguished global “stars” in the fields of blended and online learning, educational analytics, and the implementation of IT into the educational process—will give speeches to the #EdCrunch2018 guests and participants as part of the “Digital University” track. Representatives of leading universities among global educational institutions will talk about why it is necessary to integrate online education into the traditional educational system and how to achieve high learning efficiency.

Participants include:

Stephanie Teasley — Director of the Learning Education & Design Lab (LED Lab) at the University of Michigan. Dr. Teasley researches how to use data and technology to improve student performance and engagement. She is the President of the Society for Learning Analytics Research (SoLAR).

Charles Dziuban, a world-renowned expert, is the Director of the Research Initiative for Teaching Effectiveness at the University of Central Florida. Director Dziuban has over 20 years of experience in researching blended and online learning. In 2005, he received the OLC award for Most Outstanding Achievement in Online Learning. In 2012, the University of Central Florida established a faculty award in his honor.

Phil Regier, university dean for educational initiatives and CEO of EdPlus at Arizona State University, is responsible for expanding the university`s digital immersion program and advancing the university`s leadership role in education innovation. During his tenure as dean, the fully online student population has grown from 400 to about 30,000, and the number of online degree programs have jumped from six to 150. The University is a co-convener of the ASU+GSV Education Innovation Summit, the world`s largest and most recognized assembly of education technology entrepreneurs, investors, and users.

A number of other Professors and organizers of educational processes from around the U.S. have been invited to the conference: Anant Agarwal (MIT, Founder and CEO of edX), Dale Johnson (ASU), Paul Krause (Cornell), Robin Goldberg (Minerva at KGI), and Yigal Rosen (HarvardX).

These experts will discuss both the possibilities of current online learning technologies and how to develop online-courses, assess their quality, improve their learning outcomes, reimburse costs and create additional sources of funding.

The 5th annual International Conference in the Field of New Educational Technologies, #EdCrunch-2018, will be held in Moscow. The main topic is “Data That Transform”, and the conference will be devoted to modern research and practical solutions in the field of big data in education. Every angle of the issue will be discussed, from methods of collecting and analyzing educational statistics to the use of blockchain technologies and artificial intelligence in the educational process.

#EdCrunch-2018 is being held as part of the implementation of the “Modern Digital Educational Environment in the Russian Federation” priority project. The 5th annual International Conference in the Field of New Educational Technologies, #EdCrunch-2018 will be held by NUST MISIS and the National Technology Initiative University 20.35 with the support of the Ministry of Science & Higher Education of the Russian Federation, Rybakov Fund, the HSE Institute of Education, Arizona State University, and the global edtech platform HolonIQ.

#EdCrunch-2018’s guests will learn more during the specialized tracks, which cover more than 15 areas in the field of education, including: “Children and Technologies”, “Digital School”, “Digital University”, “New Technologies and Analytics in Corporate Training”, and “EdCrunch Startups: Sales and Marketing”. Guests will also have the opportunity to attend the EdTech Alley, an exhibition of technologies and technological solutions in the educational sphere. More than 300 international and Russian speakers — world-renowned specialists in the fields of online learning, educational analytics, school and preschool pedagogy, corporate education, HR, and educational IT solutions — will give speeches during the event.