Semi-final of the “Science” Specialization of the “Leaders of Russia” Contest Starts at NUST MISIS

The opening ceremony of the semi-finals of the Science specialization of the Leaders of Russia contest, the flagship project of the presidential platform “Russia: the Country of Opportunities”, took place on March 16 at the National University of Science and Technology in Moscow. The competition is supported by the Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration. The co-organizers of the “Science” specialization of the “Leaders of Russia 2020” contest are the Coordinating Council for Youth in the Scientific and Educational Spheres of the Presidential Council for Science and Education and the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation.

The opening ceremony of the semi-final was attended by Assistant to the President of the Russian Federation, curator and mentor of the “Science” specialization of the “Leaders of Russia” contest Andrey Fursenko; Deputy Minister of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation Alexey Medvedev; First Vice President of Gazprombank JSC Natalya Tretyak, CEO of the All-Russian Research Institute of Aviation Materials Evgeny Kablov, Rector of the National University of Science and Technology, Mentor of the Science specialization of the “Leaders of Russia 2020” contest Alevtina Chernikova and Head of the “Leaders Of Russia” contest, CEO of the autonomous non-profit organization “Russia: the country of opportunities” Alexey Komissarov.

Assistant to the President of the Russian Federation, curator and mentor of the specialization “Science” of the “Leaders of Russia” contest Andrei Fursenko addressed the participants with a welcoming speech in which he emphasized that participation in the contest is only the first stage in the further development of their career. “I am sure that in the course of this work you will gain something new. But I want to note that regardless of the results of the competition, all of you are already ‘registered’ with us. Each of you expressed your readiness to do a difficult thing — management in education and science, and this deserves respect. Each of you will be in demand. I wish you interesting work and productive cooperation because all successes are achieved by teamwork. Your team, on the one hand, is large, on the other, it’s small nationwide. But behind each of you, there are people, your colleagues, and teams. During the competition, participants will be able to demonstrate not only their leadership qualities but also professional competencies, find solutions that will allow the implementation of important projects for education and science. We do hope that in addition to the formal definition of winners, you will all be in demand and involved in this very important area for Russia. Managerial problems in the sphere in the field of education, of course, exist. Science and education are quite inertial. This probably sounds strange, because science has traditionally been associated with a breakthrough. But the organizational structure of the work is quite traditional. There are advantages to this, it allows you to use the experience of predecessors. But there are certain disadvantages because life changes very quickly and non-standard solutions are required. It seems to me that the people who participate in this contest today should show modern leadership approaches and bring something new to this area. I hope that after the end of the competition we will meet with many of you at work and will be able to do something important and useful for the development of the country’s education and science,” said Andrei Fursenko.

Deputy Minister of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation Alexey Medvedev also emphasized that the ministry is interested in further cooperation with participants and winners of the competition.

“It’s not by chance that you gathered in this hall — you have already proved that you have leadership qualities and competencies necessary for the victory. You can build relationships that result in success. This is especially important because the technological breakthrough task that confronts us is impossible without effective teams. We hope to see you both in the collective of the ministry and in those teams that should bring a new type of organization and management into the research process,” added Alexey Medvedev.

The first vice-president of Gazprombank JSC Natalya Tretyak noted that she was glad to see so many caring people in the field of education and science.

“For me, it is important that this contest not only reveals leaders but also provides the opportunity for teamwork. This is a skill that, of course, is fundamental in the contest. I believe that a team can do much more than just highly qualified specialists individually. I am looking forward to the result of this teamwork. I am sure that the guys will not lose each other in the future, that each of them will certainly be in demand both in business and in the public service,” Natalya Tretyak added.

Yevgeny Kablov, CEO of the All-Russian Research Institute of Aviation Materials, noted that the competition is a tool for identifying and supporting talented scientists and managers: “It is very important that domestic companies and government departments began to seek and support talented scientists. After all, what does a scientist need? Infrastructure, interesting tasks and, of course, financing. The competition, among other things, allows creating conditions that, in turn, will seriously ensure progress. Science is the basis for the development of our economy. If we are not able to solve important technological problems, scientific problems, we will not have to play in the main team. Therefore, the struggle to have superiority in technology, knowledge, materials, is an important area. The competition now defines those people who can lead and manage the most important areas in science and education,” added Yevgeny Kablov.

Rector of the National University of Science and Technology MISIS, mentor of the “Science” specialization of the “Leaders of Russia 2020” contest Alevtina Chernikova welcomed the participants and invited them to cooperate. “It is a great honor for our university to become a partner in one of the most important contests in the country — the ‘Leaders of Russia’ on the ‘Science’ track, where the new generation of leading managers who will be able to lead and inspire research teams will be identified, will contribute to the country’s technological breakthrough. Of the 22 thousand participants in the competition, only 214 people, who proved that they were ready to solve the most complex and crucial tasks that the knowledge economy poses, were selected. I wish all the semifinalists interesting and fruitful work, a meaningful dialogue, bright ideas, and successful projects,” said Alevtina Chernikova.

The leader of the “Leaders of Russia” contest, the CEO of ANO “Russia: a country of opportunities”, Aleksey Komissarov, said at the opening ceremony that this year 22 272 applications had been received for the “Leaders of Russia” competition for managers. According to the results of the remote stage and control testing, which took place on March 15, 214 participants from 52 regions of Russia entered the semi-finals of the competition: 101 people from the Central Federal District, 13 from the Southern Federal District, 14 from the Ural Federal District, 19 from the Siberian Federal District, 11 from the North Caucasian Federal District, 20 from the Northwestern Federal District, 30 — Volga Federal District, as well as 6 — Far Eastern Federal District.

“This year, we launched three industry specializations (‘Healthcare’, ‘Science’ and ‘Finance and Technology’) in the ‘Leaders of Russia’, in addition to the main competition to enable managers from different fields to show themselves. The launch of the ‘Science’ specialization is determined by the strategic objective of forming a community of leaders in the country’s scientific and technological development. Over half of the participants in the semi-final of the Science specialization have academic degrees: 19 semi-finalists are doctors of science, and 114 are candidates of science. Besides, 46 participants have an MBA, and 34 competitors received two or more higher education degrees. There are five days of competition ahead. I wish you all to successfully pass through the semi-finals and finals of the specialization. On March 18, 100 finalists will be determined, of which 30 winners of the Science specialization will be announced on March 20, and the top 10 participants will go to the super finals of the Leaders of Russia contest. Good luck and let the strongest win!”, Aleksey Komissarov addressed the semi-finalists of the"Science" specialization of the “Leaders of Russia 2020” contest.

Aleksey Komissarov specified that the majority of participants are the representatives of such fields as education (52 contestants), scientific research and development (50 people), public service (17 people), mining and energy (9 participants).

Among the semi-finalists, the majority are between the ages of 25-34 years old (101 contestants), from 35-40 years old (70 people), as well as experienced participants aged 41-50 years (43 semi-finalists). Among the participants of the semi-final of the “Science” specialization, there are 178 men (83%) and 36 women (17%).

85 contestants have managerial experience from 5 to 10 years, and 57 people have more than 10 years. 114 participants lead the team up to 10 people, 58 — from 11 to 50 people, 20 semi-finalists subordinate from 51 to 100 employees, 15 — from 101 to 500 employees, and 2 participants subordinate more than 1000 employees.

The semi-final of the “Science” specialization will be held on March 16-17. In two days, the contestants will have to demonstrate their leadership skills and compete in the evaluation events for reaching the final. On March 18, masterclasses from leading country’s experts will be held. On March 19, 100 winners of the semi-final will demonstrate their best leadership skills and compete in the evaluation events for winning the specialization finals. On March 30, 30 winners of the specialization “Science” will be announced, the top 10 of them will go to the super finals of the “Leaders of Russia” competition.

The winners of the “Science” specialization of the “Leaders of Russia” contest will get a chance to take managerial positions in the country’s education and science system. Members of the Presidential Council for Science and Education, heads of major universities and research organizations, heads of corporations, leading Russian scientists, and business representatives will be the mentors for the winners.

Additional information is on the official website of the competition: лидерыроссии.рф.