NUST MISIS Scientists Register a World Record in the Moscow Metro

Guinness World Records has set a world record for the largest number of tunneling complexes operating simultaneously on one project — as part of the Moscow Metro Development Program. Scientists from NUST MISIS have become a part of the expert commission’s team that accompanied the procedure for fixing the record.

“In Moscow, the judge of Guinness World Records registered a world record for the number of tunnel shields simultaneously working on the subway construction. At the moment, we have 23 tunnel boring machines involved in various construction sites. this has never happened in any metropolis so that so many machines worked simultaneously”, said Andrei Bochkarev, Deputy Mayor of Moscow in the Moscow Government on urban planning and construction issues.

“Among the official witnesses of setting the record, there were about 20 representatives of NUST MISIS. Our responsibilities included video and photo recording of setting a record at a given time. As it turned out, such an important event for the city would not have been possible without graduates of the Mining Institute, including the ones from the department ‘Construction of underground structures and mining enterprises’, which we have met at almost every construction site we have visited”, explained the head of the NUST MISIS Department of the Construction of underground structures and mining enterprises, Professor Alexander Pankratenko.

The CEO of Mosinzhproekt JSC (a unified operator for designing and building new lines of the Moscow Metro) Mars Gazizullin noted that such an active tunneling work requires not only high professionalism and, sometimes, personal courage of metro builders but also sufficient material and technical base, coupled with the application of the most modern mining technology.

Professor Alexander Pankratenko is the head of the Education Center for the development of the underground space of the metropolis (department “Construction of underground structures and mines”) at the NUST MISIS Mining Institute. The Center was created with the aim of implementing the Decree of the Government of Moscow dated May 29, 2007, No. 412-PP “On the Concept of Underground Space Development and the Main Trends in the Development of the Underground Urbanization of the City of Moscow”.

At the end of last year, he became a laureate of the 2019 Prize of the Government of the Russian Federation in the field of science and technology for the development and implementation of high-performance technology for the construction of linear metro facilities.