NUST MISIS Students Win Prize of Huawei ICT Competition 2019-2020

The NUST MISIS team was the only Russian university team to receive the first prize in Huawei ICT Competition 2019-2020. This year, the competition attracted more than 150,000 students from 2000 universities from 82 countries.

Huawei ICT Competition is an annual international contest among universities in the field of information and communication technologies. The fifth Huawei ICT Competition has set a new participation record, attracting almost 150,000 students from over 2,000 colleges and universities encompassing more than 82 countries and regions. A total of 110 teams from 39 countries entered the global final of the competition.

Huawei ICT Competition is a two-stage contest. First, the participants take an exam to showcase their ICT knowledge, as well as hands-on skills. At the second stage, the students’ teamwork and cooperation skills are tested. The participants are challenged to develop a project using cutting-edge technologies such as IoT, big data, and AI. Then the teams present their work to the jury.

The NUST MISIS ICT Institute students developed a trendy project — a prediction model for the COVID-19 contraction, recovery and mortality rates. The project got them the first prize.

“This is the third time the NUST MISIS team has made it to the final of the Huawei ICT Competition. We were ranked third twice, and this year our team got the first prize in the Cloud Track. Huawei provided our students access to state-of-the-art technology, and I hope that the company will further contribute to the personnel training ecosystem,” Sergey Solodov, Director of the College of IT & Automated Control Systems, NUST MISIS.

This year, NUST MISIS was represented in the competition by three students from the College of IT & Automated Control Systems: Mikhail Mishchanin, Vladimir Sankov and Evgeny Rakcheev.

NUST MISIS and Huawei have been cooperating since 2015, when the joint ICT Huawei and NUST MISIS Academy was established. In 2018 it received the “Best ICT Academy” award from Huawei.

The Huawei vendor course on hardware data storage and processing systems has been part of the university’s Master’s degree educational programmes in IT for 4 years. Last year, a new course on R&S networking for bachelor programmes was launched as well.