NUST MISIS Scientist Shortlisted for Snob Magazine Award

Danila Saranin, research fellow at NUST MISIS’ Laboratory for Advanced Solar Energy, was shortlisted in the 2020 Snob magazine award for the “Made in Russia” prize. At NUST MISIS, Saranin works on developing new generation perovskite solar cells that can be used indoors to wirelessly charge small devices. The prizes will be awarded on December 11.

In their work, Saranov and his team are searching for solutions to the challenges limiting the development of solar power technologies, such as low limiting efficiency of silicon solar cells. Silocon solar cells are also expensive to manufacture and the cost recovery can take up to 10 years. Another problem is that silicon panels require direct sunlight for maximum efficiency. Perovskite cells are seen as a promising alternative to cilicon cells. They have better light-absorbing properties and can be mass-manufactured using different printing techniques. These features combined result in the possibility to create thin, lightweight and flexible solar modules.

Earlier this November, Snob magazine published a piece about the InPower perovskite stickers for wireless device charging developed by Saranov’s team. They were designed to be sticked to the rear section of a phone, a router or a tablet, absorbing artificial light and providing wireless power.

It was the InPower project that got Saranov shortlisted for the “Made in Russia” award in the “Science and Technology” category. This year, Snob magazin will be awarding its “Made in Russia” prizes for the sevenths time. The “Made in Russia” prizes are awarded to the best that was produced in the fields of culture, science, business, and society during the past year.

The winners will be decided by the readers of Snob magazine in an online vote. The award ceremony will be live streamed.