NUST MISIS develops educational programs for 2030

NUST MISIS jointly with University College London (UK) have launched a unique program professors’ retraining called “International Academic Leadership”.

NUST MISIS jointly with University College London (UK) has launched a unique program professors’ retraining called “International Academic Leadership”.

The events of the past year have shown that university professors have to be able to educate highly qualified specialists in the changed conditions of modern reality, having mastered and creatively rethinking the existing pedagogical developments of the world’s leading educational centers.

NUST MISIS, together with University College London (10th in the world according to QS World University Rankings), launched a unique professors’ retraining program “International Academic Leadership: Strategies and Technologies for Developing Competitive Educational Programs”.

Network programs with universities from different countries are still rare in the Russian educational space. Especially when it comes to developing the professional skills of university professors. Even if such cooperation takes place, it is usually in the traditional format of an “invited professor”.

NUST MISIS has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with University College London and signed an agreement on the implementation of an online professional retraining program. This means that UCL teachers and the staff of the NUST MISIS School of Pedagogical Excellence will jointly conduct an educational program. Thus, students who successfully complete their studies will receive a diploma of professional training from NUST MISIS and a certificate from University College London.

Sergey Salikhov, First Vice-Rector of NUST MISIS:

“The program with University College London is conceived as a deep rethinking of what engineering education at NUST MISIS should be, taking into account the rapid technological progress and the emergence of new professions. The labor market is undergoing significant transformations thanks to the advancement of technologies in the fields of artificial intelligence, machine learning and big data. Already today, our educational programs should include acquiring competencies and skills that will be in demand in 10-15 years. That is why in 2019 we opened the School of Pedagogical Excellence, which has become a platform for university professors’ training in the field of introducing new educational technologies, developing educational programs for teaching students the professions of the future.”

Not only is the example of such cooperation unique — in Russia University College London works only with NUST MISIS — the program itself is also unique. Its main goal: to train teachers to design internationally competitive educational programs, learning from leaders in the field. Or, as UCL experts say, to learn how to design educational programs for 2030.

To complete the program, professors need to complete six educational modules, some of which are studied at the NUST MISIS School of Pedagogical Excellence, and some at the UCL ARENA CENTER (teacher training center at University College London): New Reality in Education: Digital Transformation teaching and learning“, “Technologies and methods of designing educational programs that are competitive on the international market”, “Designing the concept and detailed curriculum of the educational program”, etc.

At the end of the retraining program the teachers will defend the developed concepts of their own educational programs in priority areas: new materials and production technologies, new engineering solutions (including for MegaScience), quantum technologies, biomedical materials and bioengineering, etc.

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