Russian Science Day

On behalf of the NUST MISIS team and my behalf, I congratulate you on the Day of Russian Science!

Russia has always been famous for its scientific schools, the names of outstanding scientists and inventors who left a bright trace in the history of world scientific thought. Today, Russian science and the higher education system are increasing the country’s scientific and technological potential, developing priority areas of fundamental and applied research. Thanks to the accumulated intellectual potential, Russian scientists are making a significant contribution to the global scientific agenda formation.

The dynamics of scientific and technological progress is largely determined by talented young researchers, and we are proud that together with you we are contributing to the training of a new generation of Russian scientists and engineers, who will determine the future of our country and the world tomorrow.

I wish you good health, inexhaustible vitality, inspiration, new victories and discoveries!

Yours sincerely,

Rector of NUST MISIS A.A. Chernikova