NUST MISIS Strengthens its Position in the Ranking of the Best Universities in Terms of Graduate Salaries

A job search and recruiting service SuperJob has published a ranking of technical universities in terms of wages among young IT professionals who graduated in 2015-2020. NUST MISIS strengthened its position in the TOP-10, taking the eighth place. University graduates receive an average of 140 thousand rubles per month (about $2000).

NUST MISIS educates IT specialists in the most relevant and demanded areas: the industrial Internet of things, big data, artificial intelligence, robotics, autonomous transport, etc. Each educational program is implemented jointly with a business partner which takes an active part in the educational process, organizing lectures and workshops and internships.

NUST MISIS cooperates with the leading Russian and international companies in the fields of IT, engineering, government and corporate governance, including Sber, Cognitive Technologies, Vist Group, IBM, Hewlett Packard, KasperskyLab, Cisco, Huawei.

“We have many years of effective work with industrial partners, and we are open to changes in educational programs. A holistic approach to working with technology and expertise in various fields of science allows us to create personalized learning tracks, helping our students learn cutting-edge technology quickly and efficiently. By implementing educational programs together with the industry, we can predict and use structural changes in the industry to modify and update the content. This makes our graduates competitive in the labor market, which is confirmed by the analytics of leading recruiting agencies,” said Sergei Solodov, director of the NUST MISIS Colledge of Information Technologies and Computer Science.

In 2020, the first in the Russian Federation online Master’s program “Data Science” was launched jointly with SkillFactory and MRG companies, which caused a great resonance and positive responses among applicants and partner universities. This year the cooperation is expanding and supplemented by the “Graphic Design and Applied Graphics” educational program.

In the 2020/21 academic year, a set of new educational programs was launched together with Sber: Bachelor’s program “Algorithms and methods of high-tech software” and Master’s program “Innovative IT projects”. Classes are taught by professors from NUST MISIS and research engineers from Sber. Students are involved in solving business problems together with the company employees and carry out their own research projects. This approach allows young engineers not only to learn skills and competencies but also to get acquainted with the principles of work in advanced teams. NUST MISIS students also have the opportunity to participate in internship programs.

Cooperation between NUST MISIS and Huawei began in 2015 when an agreement was signed to establish an ICT academy based on the university. In 2016, the course “Hardware storage and data processing systems” was introduced and, after being tested as a short-term program, became a mandatory part for NUST MISIS Master’s students of IT areas with an exam in the form of professional certification. In May 2019, the NUST MISIS Huawei ICT Academy entered the TOP-10 best academies among 600 partner universities and colleges around the world. The team of NUST MISIS students was the only one from Russian universities to receive the first prize at the Huawei ICT Competition in 2019-2020. In total, 150 thousand students from more than 2 thousand universities and colleges from 82 countries of the world took part in the competition. In 2021, NUST MISIS is expanding cooperation with Huawei in Security, Artificial Intelligence and Datacom courses.

As part of a cooperation agreement with Mail.Ru Group, the university and the IT company are implementing joint educational projects, holding conferences, hackathons, lectures from Mail.Ru Group experts and other educational events in the field of information technology.

NUST MISIS students have become winners of the Moscow City Hack hackathon, the Data Science 2020 Championship, as well as awardees of the Digital Breakthrough, Yandex.Realty and others hackathons.

Specialists in the field of information systems and technologies are educated at the NUST MISIS Colledge of Information Technologies and Computer Science.