NUST MISIS and JEOL Expand Cooperation

NUST MISIS and JEOL RUS have signed an agreement to expand the number of interns from the College of New Materials and Nanotechnologies and EcoTech at their enterprises. Students will be able to gain hands-on experience with electron microscopes, get understanding of the design of the equipment, learn how to carry out its maintenance and work in a cross-cultural environment.

NUST MISIS and JEOL RUS have been successfully cooperating since 2006. JEOL is the leading manufacturer of a wide range of advanced microscopes that are widely used both for research purposes and for educational purposes to teach students sample preparation, familiarize them with the theory of electron optics, elemental microanalysis, etc.

NUST MISIS and JOEL RUS have agreed to set up new internship programs for the university’s students.

“Most of all, we are interested in the development of Russian-Japanese cooperation in the field of science and technology. NUST MISIS is not only our key business partner, but also one of the leading technical universities in Russia. It annually produces highly qualified specialists. In the near future, JEOL RUS plans to expand its staff, and we are hoping to find new employees among competent and motivated, skilled young people who, after completing an internship, will already have a good idea of what it is like working for our company,” said Saito Kentaro, CEO, JEOL RUS.

The internships will be available to graduate students of the College of New Materials and Nanotechnologies and EcoTech who already have practical experience in using an electron microscope in their research and who demonstrate at least B2 level proficiency in English.

During the internship, students will be supervised by GEOL RUS engineers in order to teach the interns how to properly operate and maintain electron microscopes and other devices.

You can apply for an internship by email:

Please make sure to attach your CV and put “JOEL RUS Internship” in the subject line of your email.